Bow down My munchkins Mistress CuckNanny is back on the scene to school your sissy dicklettes.  I AM THE HEAD Mistress of all your wetdream fetishes. little pee-pee whackers amass your tributes and tuition – no scholarships or loans in this Domination nation of MOI!  For u losers that think you want a taste – PAY BITCHES PAY -Mistress CuckNanny awaits for NO ONE – tardiness will be punished harshly and NOT the way you cuckold wannabes like it…

My academy of fetishes include Cockolding Mastery, penis humiliation, spanking, feet intoxication & worship, heels, toes, panty collecting & sharing, smoking, financial domination, punishment, bulls, ball punishment & reward, shopping, playing with boy toys, mind fucking,

Now let go of your tiny little cock put it back in your sissy panties and get moving  cockless bitches.  you won’t likely get accepted into my world with your first application so make it good minions – send me an email or TRY to get my attention email – mistresscucknanny@yahoo.com  Yahoo IM: mistresscucknanny

try losers if you dare but beware the failure eminent


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