Collars, Cages, Cuckolds, and Sissy Boys

For years I have been giving losers the chance to manage their sissy dicks and serve My every need but lately I become bored with the pathetic excuses coming out of the mouths of cock-sucking frauds – u do NOT fool me, amuse me, or make me give even the slightest consideration to just kicking your pantie sniffing Asses to the curb to wallow in the filth from where you came.  Perhaps MY early 30’s have begun to soften me, perhaps their are NO more worthy subs to lore over.  Perhaps, I am just looking for MORE.

Bringing ME to MY newest line of thinking – are collars, chains, and cages truly the BEST way to help sissy boys see what real sublime submission is all about?  In MY 20’s I had many pleasure-filled semesters at the University completely detroying boys who never even realized submission and servitude were their ultimate and only destiny.  Oh the scrumptiously delicious deviant ways a young stag can be demolished into sniviling drooling animal that can’t even remember it’s name.  The fine art of total anialation must be carefully crafted; every detail planned and executed without flaw.

Of course for any animal know complete humiliation, complete demolishment; it must first know ultimate earth-shattering pleasure with a final orgasim so intense as to never be replicated or felt again.  Thus training begins…

The chat, the talk, the pics, the cam, the voice, the gift exchange, the tribute, and then the meet.  Sudden, passion on the brink of explosion, – the first touch.  Electric, magnetic, every hair, every muscle, skin on fire – lips crossing over skin.  Adrenaline takes hold, hearts racing, bodies pulled closer.  Just as the animal thinks it is in control Mistress takes over.

Force begins to mount and Mistress takes the boy to places he will never go again but as this is unknown to the boy, he doesn’t truly appreciate what is happening; the beginning of his demise.  And this is how boy turns victim turns animal turns to nothing, boy forgotten.


~ by cucknanny on May 1, 2009.

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