Distractions, Frauds, and Losers

Hello My little cucklettes – not much to say although I did have fun yesterday playing with some new toys and boys. The rest of you losers however, are turning out to be quite pathetic and frankly just too sorry to be taught properly. You want reward without completing your assignments; well allow ME to fill you in on a little secret – you will remain miserable little sissy boys unless you take the time to INVEST in your training and education! MY self-named “Cuckold Loser” has been in detention for days because he can’t figure out how to take one simple pic of his “claimed-to-be” freshly shaved tiny pric. On another note, Mistress still awaits the promised CK sheer panties that the “Intellect” needs for his next assignment – much longer and the assignment will move straight into public humiliation for which he is neither ready or equipped to handle.

Snap to it kiddies, Mistress is ready to use the ruler to get you dick munchkins in line.


~ by cucknanny on April 26, 2009.

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