Bad Cucks – What to do?

Bad Cucks – What to do – Mistress is in quite the mood today – spent the evening giving My attention to some worthless non-tribute-makers all the while wanting some new students who really WANT to be taught what to do with their little sissy dicks. At the end of a long and not so fruitful night, I assumed my normally submissive cuck would make everything better for Mistress – WRONG!

As I wondered into my Mistress-suite, expecting to find My cuck waiting patiently to service me and at least give My feet a good massage and licking, I found the little cheating sissy stroking his pee-pee and just about to blow his sorry load. I stomped out of the room and warned that today would not be of ANY pleasure for him. I have decided for proper punishment, I will dress him up like the little sissy he is, put a leash on him and make him scrub Mistresses floors, walls, and windows while I take pics so I can show you losers what it means to displease MOI.

I rarely out or publicly humiliate my cuck but tonight I plan to offer any of you that want to get MY attention the opportunity to tribute enough to have your own set of pics of today’s punishment. And then – Mistress needs proper attention, adoration, and a big hard cock – get to it losers!


~ by cucknanny on April 19, 2009.

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