Some tidbits for new dickless wonders…

For u losers that have not had the ultimate pleasure of being schooled by MOI I have decided to give you a tiny taste of My journey to being a Dom Couckoldress married to a cuck that has finally learned his place and is happy to obey and allow ME ALL the pleasures a hot slut like ME needs – BIG HARD COCK – on demand!  coupled with, well, anything I damn well please – what else you squirmy little dicklettes!?!  So here is how it works – you beg, you kneel, you pray that one day you’ll figure it out and learn how to get into my world.

Before my precious cuck hubby learned the value of submission I had a long line of playmates, fuck buddies, girlfriend lovers, part-time bulls, and some experiences you little sissy boys will only dream of while jacking your pinky dicks in a dark corner where you belong.  Over the course of a decade-long marriage, I have managed to fuck MY way around the world and back again – quite literally.  Sometimes carefully planned victims of seduction were lured into my web over time and then used, abused, and turned-out not knowing which way was up.  Some of MY conquests were spontaneous group orgies spun out of intoxicated pool parties late into the night.  One particular bull I enjoyed for several years was actually an employee I dominated in every way possible and even occasionally making my yet-to-be cuckolded hubby watch or listen from another room.  Oh the history is rich and I’m getting so wet just reliving all the memories.  None however, compare to the first – my bachelorette party – a cliche by nature – but nothing about that night was common…

I would love to tell you more and I’m sure your fingers are nearly numb from stroking that little pee-pee; stay tuned or email me for more – I may dig out some of the old pics and videos and will have my new webcam up soon… In the meantime, Mistress needs some need panties for my webcam debut – don’t forget to stop by my Amazon wish list and maybe I’ll wear them just for you…


~ by cucknanny on April 15, 2009.

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