Welcome back my pathetic munchkins

I know you measly little pee-pee wankers have been bursting at the seams awaiting my royal return. But of what scrumptious Euro-cocks I dined on while across the pond for a quick jaunt.

well weaklings I arrived to find one bloody mess of a lover boy acting so naughty I had some serious dealings to attend to in order to properly re-school that little bitch back into line… ugh – the shit I put up with.

I may let him out to watch me play this evening but he’ll have to remain tied and gagged due to his indiscretions while Mommy was away.

Well kitties the Nanny is spent after being fucked silly on the flight home by a nice ball player I met in first class so I must go have the boy wash me and lay me to rest –

schools back in session soon my little bitches so put your toys away and get your tuition books ready.


~ by cucknanny on April 12, 2009.

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