Collars, Cages, Cuckolds, and Sissy Boys

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For years I have been giving losers the chance to manage their sissy dicks and serve My every need but lately I become bored with the pathetic excuses coming out of the mouths of cock-sucking frauds – u do NOT fool me, amuse me, or make me give even the slightest consideration to just kicking your pantie sniffing Asses to the curb to wallow in the filth from where you came.  Perhaps MY early 30’s have begun to soften me, perhaps their are NO more worthy subs to lore over.  Perhaps, I am just looking for MORE.

Bringing ME to MY newest line of thinking – are collars, chains, and cages truly the BEST way to help sissy boys see what real sublime submission is all about?  In MY 20’s I had many pleasure-filled semesters at the University completely detroying boys who never even realized submission and servitude were their ultimate and only destiny.  Oh the scrumptiously delicious deviant ways a young stag can be demolished into sniviling drooling animal that can’t even remember it’s name.  The fine art of total anialation must be carefully crafted; every detail planned and executed without flaw.

Of course for any animal know complete humiliation, complete demolishment; it must first know ultimate earth-shattering pleasure with a final orgasim so intense as to never be replicated or felt again.  Thus training begins…

The chat, the talk, the pics, the cam, the voice, the gift exchange, the tribute, and then the meet.  Sudden, passion on the brink of explosion, – the first touch.  Electric, magnetic, every hair, every muscle, skin on fire – lips crossing over skin.  Adrenaline takes hold, hearts racing, bodies pulled closer.  Just as the animal thinks it is in control Mistress takes over.

Force begins to mount and Mistress takes the boy to places he will never go again but as this is unknown to the boy, he doesn’t truly appreciate what is happening; the beginning of his demise.  And this is how boy turns victim turns animal turns to nothing, boy forgotten.


Distractions, Frauds, and Losers

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Hello My little cucklettes – not much to say although I did have fun yesterday playing with some new toys and boys. The rest of you losers however, are turning out to be quite pathetic and frankly just too sorry to be taught properly. You want reward without completing your assignments; well allow ME to fill you in on a little secret – you will remain miserable little sissy boys unless you take the time to INVEST in your training and education! MY self-named “Cuckold Loser” has been in detention for days because he can’t figure out how to take one simple pic of his “claimed-to-be” freshly shaved tiny pric. On another note, Mistress still awaits the promised CK sheer panties that the “Intellect” needs for his next assignment – much longer and the assignment will move straight into public humiliation for which he is neither ready or equipped to handle.

Snap to it kiddies, Mistress is ready to use the ruler to get you dick munchkins in line.

School’s in Session Bitches!

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Now that NiteFlirt has gotten their act together and given proper listings for My Royal A$$ – CuckoldNanny – you losers can get some lessons by paying some proper tuition. Just start clickin’ and apply now! Feeling like you may need a little extra schooling? Click the “extra credit” button; once I receive your tuition payment, I’ll begin sending you little dicklette’s assignments – WARNING; incomplete or sloppy homework will be punished harshly! Tardiness will not be tolerated. Get in now if you want to compete for valedictorian and the top of class cuck award. Get to it loser – Nanny awaits for sissies in training; get out your panties boys.

Bad Cucks – What to do?

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Bad Cucks – What to do – Mistress is in quite the mood today – spent the evening giving My attention to some worthless non-tribute-makers all the while wanting some new students who really WANT to be taught what to do with their little sissy dicks. At the end of a long and not so fruitful night, I assumed my normally submissive cuck would make everything better for Mistress – WRONG!

As I wondered into my Mistress-suite, expecting to find My cuck waiting patiently to service me and at least give My feet a good massage and licking, I found the little cheating sissy stroking his pee-pee and just about to blow his sorry load. I stomped out of the room and warned that today would not be of ANY pleasure for him. I have decided for proper punishment, I will dress him up like the little sissy he is, put a leash on him and make him scrub Mistresses floors, walls, and windows while I take pics so I can show you losers what it means to displease MOI.

I rarely out or publicly humiliate my cuck but tonight I plan to offer any of you that want to get MY attention the opportunity to tribute enough to have your own set of pics of today’s punishment. And then – Mistress needs proper attention, adoration, and a big hard cock – get to it losers!

Some tidbits for new dickless wonders…

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For u losers that have not had the ultimate pleasure of being schooled by MOI I have decided to give you a tiny taste of My journey to being a Dom Couckoldress married to a cuck that has finally learned his place and is happy to obey and allow ME ALL the pleasures a hot slut like ME needs – BIG HARD COCK – on demand!  coupled with, well, anything I damn well please – what else you squirmy little dicklettes!?!  So here is how it works – you beg, you kneel, you pray that one day you’ll figure it out and learn how to get into my world.

Before my precious cuck hubby learned the value of submission I had a long line of playmates, fuck buddies, girlfriend lovers, part-time bulls, and some experiences you little sissy boys will only dream of while jacking your pinky dicks in a dark corner where you belong.  Over the course of a decade-long marriage, I have managed to fuck MY way around the world and back again – quite literally.  Sometimes carefully planned victims of seduction were lured into my web over time and then used, abused, and turned-out not knowing which way was up.  Some of MY conquests were spontaneous group orgies spun out of intoxicated pool parties late into the night.  One particular bull I enjoyed for several years was actually an employee I dominated in every way possible and even occasionally making my yet-to-be cuckolded hubby watch or listen from another room.  Oh the history is rich and I’m getting so wet just reliving all the memories.  None however, compare to the first – my bachelorette party – a cliche by nature – but nothing about that night was common…

I would love to tell you more and I’m sure your fingers are nearly numb from stroking that little pee-pee; stay tuned or email me for more – I may dig out some of the old pics and videos and will have my new webcam up soon… In the meantime, Mistress needs some need panties for my webcam debut – don’t forget to stop by my Amazon wish list and maybe I’ll wear them just for you…

Welcome back my pathetic munchkins

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I know you measly little pee-pee wankers have been bursting at the seams awaiting my royal return. But of what scrumptious Euro-cocks I dined on while across the pond for a quick jaunt.

well weaklings I arrived to find one bloody mess of a lover boy acting so naughty I had some serious dealings to attend to in order to properly re-school that little bitch back into line… ugh – the shit I put up with.

I may let him out to watch me play this evening but he’ll have to remain tied and gagged due to his indiscretions while Mommy was away.

Well kitties the Nanny is spent after being fucked silly on the flight home by a nice ball player I met in first class so I must go have the boy wash me and lay me to rest –

schools back in session soon my little bitches so put your toys away and get your tuition books ready.

What a little sissy bitch

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So my baby cock muffins…. I’m back to my castle for just one night and already my cuckold little bitch thinks he should get treats – wtf? I leave for just a few and he’s already whacking that pathetic little stub of a cock – PPPPlease… boys – I need some love taps get your slimy ass munching shit together and pay your tuition… get to it boys…

Meanwhile I’ve decided I’m going to have to cage my little cuck until he can learn to obey when the Nanny’s away… any suggestions on what model I should get?

Lastly my little bunnies, a special mention to my secret bunny that sent such fabulous spring gifts – I’ll be shopping next week for sure.